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CAHYA means "to spread love and light"

We support you on your path, and help you find more love and more light in your life today, improve your health, and begin on the path toward your destiny.  We also recognize that if you have been drawn to us. . you are a HEALER.  We focus on helping healers, heal so welcome.  We need you particularly today!  Thank you for being here. . . . 

Past Life Regression Experiences

Past Life Regression

We guide you to visit your past lives, childhood, between lives and more by accessing your subconscious, which  provide a healing path through your previous experiences.  Trained by Brian Weiss of Many Lives, Many Masters, Wendy will guide you through a personalized, one-on-one session where you dive into your past lives and beyond.  Also offering group regressions!  


Shamanic Energy Medicine

We work with your energy field, which surrounds your physical body, to assist you in keeping yourself in balance.  Your energy field impacts your physical body, mental health, spiritual connection and beyond so beginning there impacts much.  Go to our Shamanic Energy Medicine page to learn more about the wide variety of ways we can help using these ancient techniques.  

We can help you personally, clear your personal space, help those who are ill, do death rites and more.  And, at our Center in Bend, OR we also offer Moon ceremonies twice each month (the New Moon and the Full Moon), Rites of the Womb ceremonies, Despachos and beyond.  

Wendy Mader


The Path

Thrust into a caregiving role for her then ill husband, Wendy learned first hand the variety of healing powers available beyond  Western medicine and began her search for ways she could help. She offers healing Past Life Experiences and Shamanic Energy Medicine, providing deep and impactful experiences for her clients.   



Wendy's Bio

I embarked on my Past Life Regression and Shamanic Energy Medicine paths following a career in Human Resources, owning my own Executive Coaching practice, raising two children, and caregiving for an ill husband. My work is a blend of my international leadership background, education, life experiences, intuition, strengths and gifts, and focuses on healing, support and love. My goal is to help people heal and realize their life's highest purpose. I live in Bend, OR and offer in person and remote experiences which I hope lead you to peace, healing and learning.



Our Story

Wendy is a retired business executive who stumbled into the "magical and mystical world", as she calls it.  Through her path of awakening she has learned that by combining her business skills and spiritual training, she helps others.  And isn't that why we're all here anyway?

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