Shamanic Energy Medicine Testimonial

I am writing this on behalf of the Cahya Center. I have been working with Wendy  for about 6 sessions. I was intrigued by what she was doing & I wanted to give it a shot for myself. She & I have worked once a week together. Each session has been a bit different. Wendy first listens to me & where I’m at, then she makes suggestions on the different directions we could go and from there we decide together and begin the work.

Ultimately, I FEEL better. I struggle with a constant, mild depression. I have had a lower self esteem & I have had a fairly pessimistic outlook on my life. Since working with Wendy I have noticed I feel lighter, more joyful. And I am NOT the only one who has noticed. Two others close to me, my mom & my husband, have both commented that I seem better!  I agree, I just FEEL better.

The next result I saw was having to address conflict with an extremely close friend. I am one who hates conflict & would like to sweep it under the rug & not have to address it. This past weekend some conflict happened & I was able to lean into it with my friend & work through it with her. I had done something to trigger her. I had unknowingly hurt her. In the past I would have “worn her hurt” and felt like a failure of a friend. I would have retreated & held that blame for probably months. This time was different. We worked through it together & I was able to move on rather than catch myself in a downward spiral. I didn’t feel like a failure of a friend.  The next day, my friend complemented me on how I handled the situation & thanked me for helping her get out of her hurt/trigger. I think our friendship will be stronger for having gone through that together. I totally attribute this to the work I have been doing with Wendy!

I am continuing to work with Wendy & I look forward to seeing what kind of person I will become. I like the person I am already becoming. I recommend the Cahya Center.