Not knowing what to expect, but knowing I needed a change, I booked an appointment at Cahya Center. It was the best action I could have taken for healing and freedom. It's comfortable, no judgement and safe. The instantaneous and lasting differences in my whole being was more than I could have hoped for because I didn't know how good it would be. I am living proof of both immediate results and lasting freedom. 

Thank you Wendy!    Rick, Portland OR

I have been working with Wendy Mader for about 6 sessions and already I FEEL better. I have struggled with a constant, mild depression & a lower self esteem. Since working with Wendy I have noticed I feel lighter, more joyful. I am NOT the only one who has noticed; my husband, my mom & a close friend have all noticed that I seem different... better. I have also been able to better handle conflict.
I am continuing to work with Wendy. I look forward to continued positive results. I recommend the Cahya Center.
 Caren,  Barrington IL

Wendy has helped me over a number of long distance phone sessions.  I was skeptical at first but have been amazed at how powerful and spiritual the sessions with Wendy are.  I often feel much lighter, as if negative energy has been removed.  Helpful messages have been shared with me about the path forward in my life.  Sessions leave me feeling peaceful and connected.  I'm very grateful that Wendy is sharing her gifts with me and others and I highly recommend her.  Carol , Naples FL


How can Energy Medicine Help Me?

Do you repeat patterns in your life, work, or relationships which no longer serve you?  Do you have physical or emotional or psychological pain you would like to eliminate?  Are you confused about your Soul's Path or your Destiny?  Is a loved one dying or has someone died and you are concerned whether they have gone where they're meant to go?  Do you sense there is bad energy in your home or workspace?  Shamanic Energy Medicine can help with all of the above and much more.  

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Shamanic Energy Medicines Offered

We offer these medicines and beyond:

Illuminations:  the standard energy healing process to clear energy that no longer serves you from your energy field

Power Bands:  to provide protection for you 

Extractions - fluid, crystalized, entity: a method to remove energy "stuck" in your physical or energy body 

Health Coaching: learn more about how gut health affects your brain, and the best ways to keep your physical body healthy

Soul Retrievals: when we experience trauma, we often set a part of our soul aside to be safe.  Is it time to bring you to wholeness?

Decoupling:  a technique to ground energy you want into your energy field

3 Card Story:  clients use three cards to write a story which is interpreted to unveil messages from your subconscious

I Ching Divination: an ancient book used to help you answer questions about you, life, and more

Stone Reading:  a Shamanic practice to help you answer questions 

Harmonic Chakra Atunement:  a way to ensure your Chakras are engaged and active

Fire Ceremonies - New Moon & Full Moon: join us in an outdoor, evening Fire Ceremony to honor Spirit and the Universe and more

Rite of the Womb:  this Ceremony reminds us that the womb is not a place to store fear and pain but to create and give birth to life

Break Patterns of victim/rescuer/persecutor:  a process to help clients break free from certain roles and patterns that don't serve them

Shamanic Protections:  ways to provide protection to clients

Cutting Cords:  for those with unhealthy attachments to others

Shamanic Journeying - Upper World, Beyond Death: to search for your Destiny, to release your fear of Death, and beyond

Word Deconstruction: a process to release energy around words which may trigger or have a negative meaning for you

Indigenous Alchemy:  radically transition from elements of your identity which you wish to transcend beyond

7th Chakra Illumination:  a method to release unneeded energy 

Shamanic Death Rites:  done after death to help the energy field detach from the physical body 

Surrogate Death Rites:  provided for beings who have passed a while ago, to help ensure they reach the Upper World

Space Clearing:  clearing energy that is not desired in your home, office, house, apartment, and more