Baltic Amber = Healing Powers

Amber's Healing Powers

Amber's healing powers include:

-  draws disease from the body

-  absorbs pain

-  reduces inflammation

-  alleviates stress

-  heals nervous system

-  balances right and left sides of the brain

-  activates unconditional love

-  stimulates the intellect

-  opens the crown chakra

-  symbol of renewed marriage vows

What's special about "Baltic Amber"?

Baltic Amber is an ancient tree resin that has been going through a number of changes for millions of years.  Ours is from the Baltic Sea region and designed by artists in Eastern Europe.  It is over 50 million years old and comes in a variety of colors.  These one-of-a-kind pieces have been hand crafted by European artisans sure to attract compliments AS they provide you with their healing qualities.

Amber purifies the mind, body and spirit

These beautiful "healing crystals" will be admired by all while providing amazing healing powers as you wear it. Baltic amber is an amazing alternative medicine modality you can wear all day.

Baltic Amber for Sale

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